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Tips to get success with Black Friday 🛒

Black Friday is next week.

You know that day where everyone expects you to slash your prices just because other people are.

The economic bonanza that kicks off consumer's spending up to Christmas.

But we know you small business owners, profit margins are razor-tight.

So what can you do to get on the hype, without sacrificing revenue???

Hold an amazing viral giveaway!

"But James, we can't just give stuff away, you said without sacrificing revenue?"

But the way we engineer giveaways is different...

The usual 'like and tag your mate and we'll pick a random winner' does fuck all. I'm sorry but it does.

  • No impact on your actual sales

  • The algorithm hates it so will restrict and penalise your post reach

  • Doesn't give you any tangible results in traffic/ email database/ ACTUAL SALES!

So how do we do things differently? We use a little-known but amazing software called which delivers people points based on specific actions they complete. Such as follow us on Insta, share this post on Facebook, invite your friends to join the giveaway and many, many more. By rewarding points and creating a leaderboard it taps into all of our primal urges of competitiveness. Which in turn gives you as a brand more virality as the competition entrants seek ways to earn more points. The smart thing is we target this to your brand advocates, your lapsed customers and people in your target audience and it's almost a Trojan Horse for their attention. When they sign up to the competition you are then nurturing this relationship and showcasing why your product is great to these entries AND their followers too! It's an amazing way to grow your email database, create customer loyalty and get a huge buzz amongst your target audience or local area as everyone will be talking about it. Plus imagine that one lucky winner, they are going to be talking about you forever! Want to find out more about how to run one for your business Click here to see our Viral Giveaway guide

Or go straight to to check the software out. And to be honest, Black Friday is probably too soon for this if you want us to help you, but we could do something for Christmas 🎅 Cheers James


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