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How to set up LinkedIn’s new Profile Ads (2023) Full Tutorial for Thought Leader LinkedIn Ads 🤓

Welcome to our comprehensive tutorial video on LinkedIn's game-changing 'Thought Leader' ads!

Join me as I show you EXACTLY how o set up one of these ad campaigns so you can learn how to setup LinkedIn Ads from an employee’s profile instead of a company page!

Learn how to effectively utilise employee profiles to drive successful B2B marketing campaigns on LinkedIn. Are you a B2B business owner or someone in charge of lead generation? If so, LinkedIn’s new advertising feature is here to revolutionize the way you advertise. Let's break it down in this beginner's guide.

What's New? Previously, ads on LinkedIn were restricted to company pages. But with the latest update, LinkedIn allows ads to be run from individual profiles. This means you can now advertise as yourself, not just as your business. Think of the possibilities! Why This Matters Organic reach on LinkedIn is dwindling. Like other social platforms, LinkedIn is leaning towards a pay-to-play model. Yet, this isn't bad news for those familiar with paid advertising. Introducing Thought Leader Ads James Green, an expert in B2B social media advertising, breaks down the process:

  1. Type of Ad: Currently, these ads are limited to text or image posts. Over time, LinkedIn may introduce more options.

  2. Objective: As of now, the primary goal for these ads is engagement, meaning more visibility and interactions for your posts.

How To Set Up Your Thought Leader Ad

  1. Access the Ads Platform: On LinkedIn's homepage, look for the 'for business' option, which leads you to the advertising platform.

  2. LinkedIn Campaign Manager: Here's where the magic happens. This dashboard is your hub for creating and managing your ads.

  3. Creating a Campaign: Start by selecting a new ad group. As of now, the primary ad objective available is engagement.

  4. Audience Targeting: One of LinkedIn’s strongest features is its precise targeting. You can target users based on job titles, company names, industries, and more. For an in-depth tutorial on targeting, James recommends another video.

The Technical Side

  1. Avoid Audience Expansion: James suggests unticking the "audience expansion" and "Audience Network" options for a more precise targeting experience.

  2. Ad Format: Presently, LinkedIn offers a single image format for these ads. However, video options may be introduced soon.

Setting Your Budget Beginners should start with a conservative budget. Since this is an engagement-focused ad, its primary purpose is to enhance your profile's visibility, which may indirectly lead to more business in the long run. Selecting an Employee Post for Sponsorship

  1. Choose 'Browse existing content' instead of creating a new ad.

  2. Click on the 'employee' button.

  3. Type in the employee's name (they must be actively linked to the company's LinkedIn page).

  4. Request to sponsor the chosen post. The employee will receive an email seeking approval.

  5. Once approved, you can start your campaign!

Key Takeaways

  • LinkedIn's Thought Leader Ads provide an excellent opportunity to boost personal profiles, thus amplifying company reach.

  • The meticulous targeting ensures your ads are viewed by the right audience.

  • While these are early days for the Thought Leader Ads, their potential for enhancing engagement and brand visibility is promising.

Remember, the digital advertising world is ever-evolving. Staying updated and making the most of new features can set you apart from competitors. So, get started with LinkedIn's new Profile Ads and watch your engagement soar! If you want to speak to us about building a bullet-proof advertising plan for your B2B business to get more leads, more often then click below or go to

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