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You know word of mouth, yellow pages and print ads don't work anymore...

It's true isn't it.

You know word of mouth, yellow pages & newspaper ads simply DO NOT WORK ANYMORE!

The world has changed...

Everyone's attention is on their smartphones.

So every business has a duty to hunt attention online and start turning clicks into customers! Sadly this upcoming 2nd lockdown is going to fuck things up for a lot of businesses. It's going to make things tough. But we've unleashed the perfect solution for small, (but ambitious) local businesses who need that short-term helping hand (or kick up the arse..) Introducing the LOCAL BIZ BOOSTER!

We know how to make your business the talk of the town and this new service is designed to get you overflowing with!

We've created this specifically for the small, humble businesses that prop up the economy.

You can now start leveraging the power of social media advertising from just £75 a week!

And if you know a local business that needs a boost, you better get this in front of their eyes too!


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