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11 Proven Strategies to Boost Your LinkedIn Ads: Get more B2B leads!

This video gives you 11 proven strategies to boost and improve your LinkedIn Ads.

Helping your B2B business get more leads and sales in 2024.

If you are a B2B business who hasn't properly leveraged LinkedIn Ads yet...

You are leaving money on the table!

Sadly, so many businesses are burning their hard-earned advertising budgets by not using LinkedIn Ads properly.

Expecting world-class results from amateur ad campaigns.

Read to learn 11 tips to improve your campaigns immediately so you can

get more leads, more often!


LinkedIn has granular data on job roles and titles.

So do the due diligence on your exact target audience and decision maker.

This is a key USP LinkedIn has over advertising platforms.

Particularly for niche B2B products & services who may not have a huge retargeting audience.

Your ensuring your advertising budget goes EXACTLY to WHO you want it to.

LinkedIn Job Role Targeting for B2B LinkedIn Ads

TOP TIP: also create specific ad creatives for these different customer avatars directly addressing that job title in the ad copy/video.



The majority of ads on LinkedIn are awful.

Boring, stale, stock imagery that people scroll straight past.

But this means it's easier to stand out if you put in some effort.

We've seen great success with well-executed, simple selfie video sales pitches.

These position our clients as trusted experts in their industry and can persuade and communicate so much more than an image, leading to higher quality traffic and leads!

Make sure your video:

  • has an engaging (and specific hook) to get your target audience to stop scrolling

  • focuses and speaks to their specific problems

  • introduce your product/service as the solution to that problem

  • features some social proof in the form of a testimonial and reviews

  • gives them a ‘godfather offer’ they cannot refuse

  • has a clear call to action that is idiot-proof



Human psychology means you are more likely to choose an option that's most recommended and referred by other people.

This works for B2B services in the same way you might sort by best reviewed on Amazon or on Google Maps.

Social proof can be smartly embedded into your adverts.

Specific stories and testimonials of how you solved your target audience's problem and the results they achieved.

As well as data & numbers around your track record and number of happy clients you've helped.

You want the decision maker feeling comfortable that they aren't f***ing up by partnering with you.

Showing you've got enough experience for them to trust you, like other people have trusted you before and not been fired because of that decision!



This is one of the easiest ways to improve your LinkedIn Ads.

Most B2B ads are so boring that people scroll straight past.

It’s useless if you’ve got a great offer or amazing product...

Yet nobody see’s it!

A great hook ensures your specific target customer stops scrolling and takes notice.

With a B2B audience it works being super specific to your audience’s problems within the thumbnail and opening few seconds of a video/ opening line of ad copy.

An easy fix for any ad campaign is addressing the specific job title and indistry you speak to in the first line and text overlays on the video.

We’ve seen this simple change not just improve engagement rate but also improve conversion rates by 300%!

It works as your audience are more inclined to even see your ad, so therefore more people can be sold from it too.



People are selfish.

Give them an offer they can’t refuse.

A no-brainer they cant help but click your LinkedIn ad and take you up on that offer.

Not having a great offer tailored to your ideal customer is often an oversight for B2B businesses.

And we see it so many times on struggling ad campaigns.

If you combine a great no-brainer offer with a hook that gets your target audience to stop scrolling in the first place.

You’ll see your results and the amount of quality leads you’re getting skyrocket!



When investing in ads, dont forget about what happens AFTER the click.

Too many B2B businesses waste budget and blame the platform when the website/landing page has fundamental problems.

It might not be mobile friendly.

It might be horribly slow.

It might not be functional.

It might not be persuasive enough.

It might be confusing.

It might just be a bit crap...

Spoiler alert: your website homepage might not be the right place to send traffic to.

So test out what works well and make it easy for your audience to convert



Make sure with your ad campaigns you’re focusing on leads and sales…

Not fluffy metrics or getting more followers!

Followers don’t pay the bills.

And often they are completely different to the people who might buy from you, especially in B2B marketing.

Know the ins and outs of your numbers to evaluate your campaign performance.

The B2B sales cycle can be long and complicated...

But think of the compounding effect and impact that 5 extra qualified leads a month could bring to your business!



This is such a common error businesses make when they start running LinkedIn Ads…

Not properly implementing the LinkedIn Insight Tag.

This little snippet of code allows you to collect website visitor data

This is so so important as it means you can:

  • Build retargeting audiences of website visitors

  • Track conversions properly

  • Let LinkedIn optimise campaigns around those conversions NOT clicks

It can do much more, but without those 3 key things sorted you are wasting marketing budget on ineffective LinkedIn Ads.

And for most niche businesses, you website visitors aren't visiting you for a laugh.

Retargeting is so powerful in B2B and can produce some immediate results for your business!

Install your LinkedIn Insight Tag properly



Following on from the Insight Tag and how you can create retargeting audiences.

You can take this to the next level and add in extra layers and variables.

Such as someone who's visited your 'Contact Us' page in the last 90 days but has not booked in a call with you.

Creating focused retargeting audiences makes it easy for those on the fence to convert and is the lowest hanging fruit.

For many B2B companies these campaigns are a no brainer!

Often your potential customer will be weighing you up vs 4 or 5 of your competitors they found on Google.

If you are the only one who they regularly see targeted, educational and persuasive ads when they are scrolling through their socials.

You are breeding that trust and familiarity (even sub consciously) and you’re making it much, much easier for them to work with you over a competitor.

Even just spending £20-£30 a day on a simple retargeting campaign can be worth its weight in gold and get you more leads on autopilot.



Want to 10x the amount of times you can reach the prospects in your CRM list?

One simple tip for B2B companies is to upload that exact list of companies from your CRM to your LinkedIn Ads.

You can then create specific ads targeting those exact companies.

So many businesses aren't aware you can do this!

Helping your sales teams efforts and nudging you to the front of their mind and help close the deal!

Other ways we use these company lists for clients are:

  • Promote exclusive offers to current client base or lapsed clients to re-engage them

  • Export conference attendees and activate any other conference marketing (like an exhibition stand) to let people know where you are

  • Build and scrape a ‘dream list’ of target companies and create specific ad campaigns to those audiences to convert to leads

I've put the below video tutorial that shows you how to do this



By making super specific audiences you are laser-targeting the EXACT right people you want to reach with your campaign.

Take advantage of applying the different audience targeting data you can to create your ideal audience from their company data, job roles and even your own behavioural data.

By applying the ‘AND’ rules you could create a campaign for...

Anyone who has visited your website contact us page in the last 90 days...

AND they have a specific job title such as ‘managing director’ or other relevant decision makers for your product/service...

AND they work for a company of above 50 employees.

Its important to start simple and then over time with more data you can apply more specific parameters to have a higher likelihood of converting those dream customers right in your sweet spot!


If you're worried about not getting the best results from LinkedIn Ads by managing it yourself...

Or simply you know you don't have the time to master it alone.

Then book in a free call where we can chat about the best plan of action for getting your business more leads, more often!

After learning more about your exact target audience and conducting a competitor analysis we will propose a strategy we believe will work wonders for your business.

Typically our clients spend between £1k to £5k month on their advertising campaigns as we specialise in niche 'boring' B2B and Local services where you aren't blasting ads out to the mass market.


Everything you need to know to start generating more leads📈

Video tutorials for learning LinkedIn Ads and other features in the B2B Advertising Starter Pack


See the below timestamps for this LinkedIn Ads tutorial

This tutorial covers the below tips and tactics:

00:12 Job Role Targeting

01:50 Use engaging videos

03:12 HOOKS

04:15 Use social proof

05:43 Irresistible offers so they can't say no

06:52 Optimise and test your landing pages

09:25 Focus on leads and sales NOT fluffy awareness metrics

11:56 Implement your LinkedIn Insight Tag properly

14:15 Create focused retargeting campaigns

16:14 Build and upload company lists

17:34 Narrow and layer your audiences for specificity

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