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5 Audiences B2B Businesses NEED to be marketing to in 2024! B2B Audience Targeting

Too many B2B businesses are not marketing or advertising properly...

They are wasting money and not generating enough leads or ROI! 😠

And not even scratching the surface with what is possible with their digital marketing strategies or social media advertising campaigns.

This video guide will show you the secrets of how we generate leads for B2B businesses and the 5 audiences you need to be targeting in your next paid advertising campaign.

Target individuals on your CRM List

  • What It Is: Your CRM list includes your current pipeline, potential dream clients and even those who are ignoring your emails right now.

  • How to Use: Whether you are using a CRM platform like Hubspot or Salesforce, or working off Excel spreadsheets. Upload this list to LinkedIn to create a targeted audience. Tailor videos and content specifically for this group to enhance engagement.

  • Benefits: Provides an additional touchpoint, amplifying existing sales and marketing efforts. It increases brand awareness and can lead to higher response rates from other sales activities.

How to upload a company list audience on LinkedIn Ads

Case Study

A software development firm used their CRM list to target potential clients who had previously shown interest but never converted.

By creating personalised video ads addressing specific pain points, they managed to re-engage these prospects, resulting in a 25% increase in response rates and an ROI of over 10x for this individual LinkedIn Ads campaign

Once you have exported the list of companies you know you want to target, plug that list in to LinkedIn.

It's much more effective and efficient than all those cold emails that are going straight to spam just getting ignored.

You can also create specific ads and videos, tailored exactly at that audience and show these ads on LinkedIn to the exact right roles and the right level of seniorities within that

company list you want to reach. If even at the most basic form it's basically another touch point with people you are speaking to, it's amplifying what your sales and marketing team are already doing and it's giving people another chance to know who you are and learn a bit about your business, your product and your solution. Whether they directly convert off the ads themselves or it leads to a higher response rate from the other sales activity you're doing this is well worth a go!


Interest-Based B2B Audience Targeting

Interests you can target on LinkedIn Ads Manager for B2B Ad Campaigns

  • What It Is: These are cold audiences based on interests and browsing behaviors on social media platforms.

  • How to Use: Utilise LinkedIn, Facebook, and TikTok to target B2B buyers by their interests and demographics.

  • Benefits: Expands your reach to potential clients who are interested in your industry or products but haven't interacted with your brand yet.

Interest-based targeting allows you to reach a broader audience and leverage the data these huge companies have. For example, targeting LinkedIn users interested in "business development" or "enterprise software" can help you find new prospects who are actively seeking solutions similar to what you offer that you might not be aware of. How useful and specific this interests are is very much on a case-by-case basis and specific to your target audience. For some clients we can use the audiences on the platforms effectively and efficiently, such as 'small business owners' on Facebook Ads. LinkedIn also has some great interest targeting for specific products and softwares people might be already interested in and in the consideration stage. Not enough B2B business owners are playing around with social media advertising platforms and actually knowing what they can and who they can target with these advertising campaigns!

Facebook Ads B2B Targeting

Watch our video tutorials on LinkedIn Ads Targeting, B2B Facebook Ad Targeting and B2B Tik Tok ads targeting for more information.

If you want to see which advertising platform is perfect for your B2B business, then book in a call today and we can create a bespoke advertising action plan for your business!

Those audiences are made up of interests, different demographic data, but mostly it's what

they're actually browsing and their behavior on the platform because these social media platforms know more about that than we ever could do.


Retargeting Audiences of Your Website Visitors

  • What It Is: Audiences that include people who have visited your website in the last 30, 60, or 90 days.

  • How to Use: Segment retargeting by specific pages visited, like lead magnet pages, service pages, or contact pages.

  • Benefits: Increases conversion rates by retargeting users who have already shown interest in your products or services, keeping your brand top-of-mind.

Case Study: A packaging company implemented retargeting ads for visitors who spent significant time on their pricing page but didn’t convert. Obviously this is a really niche market where casual users don't browse. By showing them a special offer and detailed case studies through targeted ads, they saw a 35% increase in conversion rates within two months./

Retargeting Ads for B2B Businesses

Nine times out of ten it gives the quickest results and the lowest hanging fruit for any B2B clients we start working with,

Retargeting audiences does what it says on the tin, its basically you show your ad campaign specifically retargeting the people who visited your website over the last 30/ 60/ 90 days.

You can segment those retargeting audiences down by people who visited specific pages.

Whether it's a lead magnet page, an about us page, services page or even the contact us or pricing page.

For B2B companies this is so effective because no one's visiting your website for a laugh they are evaluating you against three to ten other people they just randomly found on Google that offer the service they're after.

The likelihood is most B2B companies and industries aren't adopting this retargeting and therefore missing out.

Simply by being the one business in your industry that's actually adopting a retargeting campaign you're more likely to win over those clients that are coming to you already via other marketing and organic channels .

These retargeting ads are basically amplifying and maximizing the ability to convert people that are already coming in and it's improving the performance of everything else you're doing.


Lookalike Audiences

  • What It Is: These audiences are individuals who are similar to your current customers or website visitors.

  • How to Use: Platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and TikTok can create lookalike audiences based on your existing customer data.

  • Benefits: Allows you to reach a broader audience that shares characteristics with your best customers, increasing the chances of lead generation.

Top Tip:

When creating lookalike audiences, ensure you have a substantial amount of data from your best-performing customers.

This could include details from current customers, CRM system , email subscribers, or high-engagement social media followers.

How do Lookalike audiences work?

Lookalike audiences are available on pretty much any advertising platform and these social media platforms and algorithms know more about us than we ever could. If you have a list of 1000 website visitors or 200 people that have downloaded your recent lead magnet. You are asking Facebook/ LinkedIn/ TikTok/ Google to find people that are 99% similar or 98% similar and show this advert to those people. The important part is you need enough data within the individual pixels and algorithm for this to work. But it's almost like setting a campaign on easy mode because you're letting the social media platforms do the hard work and finding the right person for you. That's so important in the narrow, niche world of B2B where you really only care about:

  • the people who are are in the right position to buy from you

  • in the right role

  • in the right industry

  • the right level of seniority

  • enough budget to be worthwhile talking to

So lookalikes can really work well for the right company.


Google Ads Audience Targeting on YouTube

  • What It Is: Targeting audiences based on their search behavior on Google.

  • How to Use: Use YouTube ads to target keywords and phrases that your potential customers are searching for.

  • Benefits: Cost-effective way to reach high-intent audiences without competing with high cost-per-click rates on Google search.

Case Study:

An industrial equipment supplier used YouTube ads targeting specific keywords related to their products. This approach allowed them to reach potential customers researching these items on Google, leading to a 40% increase in lead quality and lower ad spend compared to traditional Google search ads.

In some Industries 10-15 years ago people were savvy enough to start using Google PPC the cost per clicks are now outrageously expensive. Which is a big barrier to entry if you're a new player in the market or your marketing budgets aren't quite as big as you could be competing against bigger companies than you who are willing to pay that £25 per click or £45+ per click in some cases!

And if you've got an unproven website it's a really hard task to make that work profitably.

When we have a client whose cost per click on Google Ads is mad but we still think the data is worthwhile of reaching out to those people who are actually searching and have a higher intent. A lot of businesses don't know they can advertise on YouTube with a video format to people searching particular keywords and phrases.

Particularly if they can't afford the high cost per clicks on Google search itself.

So if you know you've got rivals out there spending substantially more than you can on Google ads and you simply can't compete with that budget.

You could get some great results by creating a YouTube-first ad campaign targeted those same keywords and phrases and basically undercut their budget and still get great results.

Also there's the fact that you can convey a lot more in a video than you can by just being one of a rotating selection of Google ads that appear at the top of the feed!


Want help?

Targeting these five audiences can significantly enhance your lead generation efforts.

If you're worried about not getting the best results from LinkedIn Ads by managing it yourself...

Or simply you know you don't have the time to master it alone.

Then book in a free call where we can chat about the best plan of action for getting your business more leads, more often!

After learning more about your exact target audience and conducting a competitor analysis we will propose a strategy we believe will work wonders for your business.

Typically our clients spend between £1k to £5k month on their advertising campaigns as we specialise in niche 'boring' B2B and Local services where you aren't blasting ads out to the mass market.



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