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Time to try something new?

Updated: Nov 15, 2020

"I keep posting multiple times a day on every platform but still not got any sales!"

"I paid an SEO 'guru' a load of money and I have no idea if he did anything and we're still stuck on the 3rd page of Google..."

"I tried doing leaflets before and nothing happened, just saw them littered over the streets"

"I tried magazine advertising but that was soooo expensive and delivered nothing, just one annoying salesman pestering me every month!"

And this is the one that really pisses me off...

"I tried pressing boost post a few times, but I don't know what happened and I didn't get any sales"

I'd understand if all the above has put you off investing any more into any of that 'marketing bollocks'.

And trust me I've also met my fair share of shitty snake-oil salesmen who promise the world and deliver fuck all.

Sadly, social media and digital marketing world is riddled.

I hate to break it you there is no easy magic formula that magically adds a '0' to your monthly revenues...


There are things that are more likely to work for you over the short and long-term.

Would trying out any of the below make sense:

  • Ensuring that people in your exact target audience see your amazing product and the reasons why they should buy

  • Retargeting every visitor of your website who didn't follow through and purchase from you/ book an appointment with a bespoke message reminding them to come back

  • Show a video on YouTube to anyone that has googled [insert whatever you sell to people here] in the last 30 days showing them why you will go above and beyond

  • Learning to the penny what your marketing budget gets you in terms of views, clicks, leads, sales AND revenue!

  • Automating your processes and marketing to allow you to get on with actually running and building the business

96% of marketers consider Facebook ads the most effective form of advertising available with any business able to generate meaningful, measure results from just £5 a day Click here to read the reasons why More so than ever, screen time is increasing and businesses owners NEED to ensure they reach their target audience Now could be the perfect time to experiment with the most cost-effective advertising platform available in 2020....

If you want someone to swoop in, set everything up, take the stress out of your hands and give you the benefit of hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of learning and tests of what works on these platform then let's talk.

Fill out this form and if your business is the right fit we will implement the right system to accelerate your sales over 90  days.


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