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This week has been tough...

This week has been hectic and tough.

Lots of things have fucked up.

We’ve had ad accounts banned (cheers Facebook), leads backing out of deals we thought were done, last-minute dramas with new campaigns and software, delays and frustration and my back hurts from being strapped to my laptop for so long.


It’s really easy to remember the annoying bits and forget the highlights.

We know Facebook is temperamental around this busy period and have our own little tactics to speed up support to reinstate advertising accounts quickly, making sure none of our client’s BFCM ads were affected

We’ve launched a new client’s crowdfunding campaign and getting some crazy performance so far with CPC @ £0.14 for a completely new brand and pledges building up quickly within 48 hours of launch (if you are a bloke and are tired of having the same boxers with holes, check out AKIN for a fresh, quality, ethically made pair delivered in post each month- or if your partner needs a freshen up haha).

We’ve done something exciting for one of our favourite brands and created a Black Friday giveaway that will bring our client huge long term results from building a community of brand advocates that deliver sales.

Our CPA for this giveaway is at £0.17 and we love how this just builds and spirals using a great tool like to turn giveaways into tangible long-term results not just ‘likes’ on an Instagram post.

Small e-commerce businesses can’t afford to be dragged too far into the Black Friday discount frenzy, every pound of margin matters and helps them deliver that product.

So remember that when everyone’s preaching about ‘support small businesses’ but then gets arsey when they can’t get 75% off and same day delivery from a small, independent store!

Some of our bigger B2B clients are still acquiring leads, sales and engagement with their customers EVERY DAMN DAY and our scroll-stopping creatives and persuasive campaigns are ensuring that we are still riding the wave of BFCM without spraying their budget needlessly with all the increased competition.

And, we’ve got 3 other projects kicking off after this mad weekend.

Plus successfully launched our new package specifically aimed at local businesses looking to dip their toes in with a short-term social media ads campaign that works ASAP (if you haven't seen Local Biz Booster yet click here)

It's easy to forget that being busy with lots of work on is such a privilege.

Being busy is a privilege!

So if you want to make me more busy book a call by clicking here

It's completely free, show me a better Black Friday deal than that 🙃

Cheers James

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