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5 things to make it a Good Friday😇

In the immortal words of Rebecca Black:

"It's Friday Friday, got to get down on Friday!"

Here's 5 things that will make your Friday at least 1% better!

I know, I spoil you!

1. Make time to watch Pixar's new film Soul this weekend.

For a nice animated film it'll have you re-assessing your whole life!

2. Go follow @VisualizeValue on Twitter.

He creates nice simple graphics which help illustrate some amazing quotes/concepts from authors, philosophers, geniuses and more. 3. Putting yourself down about 'that big project you'd said you'd smash in 2021' or all that shit that is still on your to-do list.

Instead of beating yourself, go get James Clear's Atomic Habits and start building daily habits that compound.

Serving suggestion: best served directly into your ears via Audible while you go on a morning walk! 4. Our giveaway where you could win a pair of Airpods, Amazon vouchers, coffee machine, access to our Academy & more is still going

CLICK HERE TO ENTER 5. Contrary to what we see on the news and some of the stories around education and Zoom classes.

Globally, on a macro-level, this generation will be the most educated children in history.

This is all tied to poverty levels decreasing and I'd recommend checking out Factfulness: Ten Reasons We're Wrong About The World - And Why Things Are Better Than You Think

And one more for good luck, cases are dropping and hopefully it isn't long until we can go to restaurants, see family, go to the gym and get on holiday! Have a good weekend people! If you checked out all of the above and you don't think that it made even the slightest marginal improvement, I call bullshit and I'd like you to please unsubscribe!


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