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New year, new me 😩

"New year, new me"...

Surely this year with less hangovers, less distractions and basically zero social commitments for the foreseeable future, everyone should be smashing their new years resolutions... right?

For all you entrepreneurs and small business owners it's likely you've got some lofty goals for your business in 2021, whether it be:

  • Earning more revenue

  • Learning new marketing skills

  • Hiring staff to ease your workload

  • Launching new products

  • Building more systems

Everyone starts January with the best intentions...

But before you know it, shit happens.

It's easy to ignore the things that will help you and your business grow because learning new skills can seem overwhelming.

And when you work for yourself it's harder to stay accountable on these goals you set (trust me, I know).

But why not make this year the year you actually take your business to where you want it to be?