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How you can use TikTok Ads to target B2B!🤯

Updated: Feb 23, 2023

Discover the secret B2B targeting hacks you can start using now on TikTok Ads.

Yep that's right... targeting B2B leads with TikTok Advertising 🤯

It's not just kids dancing anymore... it has everyone addicted. And why not use and leverage their amazing (and totally addictive) video algorithm for your benefit.

In this video we show you EXACTLY how you can use TikTok Ads Manager to get more B2B leads, more often! 📈

In this video tutorial I cover off some secret hacks such as:

😊 How to create audiences on TikTok Ads Manager

😲 How to use the unique Hashtag Interactions targeting capability and showing you some specific examples that are working for us right now on TikTok Ads

🤩 How you could be targeting specific niches ecommerce site owners, people needing accountancy services or sales people!

😍 How you can specifically show ads on TikTok to people who've visited your website recently!

😁 And how to filter out the people who don't care about your content to ensure your reaching the right people with your ad campaigns!

One major thing to think about if you're going to produce TikTok Ad campaigns is you seriously NEED to think about creating a TikTok first. It sounds obvious and stupid. But trust us, we see so many bad examples of boring, crap B2B ads.

It's painful. Bad advertisers are wasting money every day.

Spending their hard-earned marketing budgets going towards bland ads that don't stop anyone from scrolling... This is bad enough on LinkedIn and Facebook...but even more so with TikTok Ads. It needs to work as an exciting, snappy TikTok itself and you're just supercharging it's reach and impact with an ad campaign.

  • You need to think about the first frame of the video being able to stop people from scrolling

  • You need to make the first 3 seconds exciting and for it to keep the RIGHT people engaged

  • You need to encourage curiosity with that opening hook, then highlight the painpoints your audience is facing

  • And then you can push the solution to their problems (your service/product)

The time is now to start dominating your market with social media ads 🔥🔥🔥 And TikTok is THE fastest-growing platform so the cost to reach people is cheap right now.

Be the B2B brand that gets their BEFORE your competitors! If you do this, they'll forever be playing catch up to you 🏃 But if this sounds exciting and you're unsure if you have the time to dedicate to it yourself... Don't worry, we got you...

Need help with your B2B Advertising Campaigns?

If you already have enough on your plate and would rather a trusted expert run your campaigns, no problem...

Click here and you can apply to work with us! The next steps after that are to have an intro call, we'll build out a bespoke action plan for your business.

The best bit is... if you think our work is 💩 you get your money back!


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