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How to solve a problem like social media...

It's a bit of a tricky one to answer.

After watching the Social Dilemma a  lot of people are concerned with its effect on us as humans....

And they should be.

The platforms are designed in a way to manipulate our simple monkey minds and feed as dopamine like a crack addict.

And the sad thing is all the little dings, bells and bright lights mean it is very hard to simply exercise restraint and put the phone down.

Even more so for young people who are growing up and developing these habits.

But we do have some self control and can start to educate people on responsible use.

How do I think this should be done

(As someone who earns a living through creating and managing adverts that get people to click through and buy stuff...)

Head to 17:30 on this video to watch me rant on this and how we progress and solve the problem of social media

Some predictions/hopes:

  • Do we treat it as a staple in education, a bit like safe sex or that 'safe drive, stay alive', responsible online habits

  • Can this education be funded by the platforms, but delivered by an independent body

  • Can we work with people 'in' social media and creators to deliver this to young people in a way they wil engage and resonate with it

  • Not delivered by the governments or a parents perspective, as that will just get ignored or cause pushback and people to rebel

  • Be pro-active to prevent future issues not reactive!

If you struggle with scrolling mindlessly I'd recommend watching from 14:30 or even just the whole thing haha

I hope this helps you or feel free to share the video with people it might 👍


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