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Getting more followers on social media

"Can you help me get more followers James?"

I'm getting to the point that the next business owner that asks me that I just tell them to do one.

Here is a conversation I have probably 2 times a week...

"Hi I watched one of your videos and you know about social media right?"

"Yeah, we do social media advertising. Not organic posts you create on your timelines, but targeted advertising to your exact customer"

"Could you help me get more followers then?"

*Audible sighing* "Erm.. it’s not really what we focus on, can I ask why you want more followers?"

"The more followers we have, the more people we can reach and the more products we can sell. So what should we do to get more followers?"


"With the stuff we do, we could just go direct to your target audience and advertise your products, they don’t need to follow you. Our ads are focused on getting clicks, leads and sales because followers don’t pay the bills!"

So if you want help in getting more followers on your Insta for your ego, please unsubscribe 👍

But what I can help you with right now is:

  • The Ultimate Beginner's guide to the Facebook Pixel - a serious must know bit of info for ANYONE who wants to understand why you think your phone is listening and how to retarget your website visitors!

  • "How much should I spend on Facebook Ads" and other frequently asked questions

  • Local Biz Booster - Our most affordable package, where you can tap into the benefits of social media advertising from ONLY £75 a week! 😲 (this price won't last forever)

And remember, if you want ti get your campaigns sorted in time for Black Friday, Christmas and 2021, or any help turning clicks into customersapply to work with us here


PS. if you haven't already subscribe to my YouTube, it'll give me a big dopamine rush and help stop more business owners wasting their money on marketing that doesn't work!

PPS. add me on LinkedIn / follow on Insta too, I wanna see what you lovely lot are up to as well!


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