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Why aren't more sports clubs using social media advertising?

What can ANY sports rights owner learn from the ads Man City, AC Milan, Chicago Bulls, Norwich City, NFL and Faze Clan running on social media?

Watch this video to learn how to grow your commercial revenue by selling more tickets, club merchandise and partnerships! 📈

Both Ash & I worked for a leading sport sponsorship agency for quite a few years.

Ash was locating and selling to fast-growing brands every day on behalf of Premier League clubs and I was Head of Operations helping make sure our pitches to these brands was more attractive than other marketing opportunities out there for them. However, I wish I knew then what I know now about the power of leveraging social media advertising... would have made my job a lot easier! We've included an analysis of some examples of sports clubs who are actually using social media advertising to sell merchandise, engage their current fanbase and growing their global fanbases. But there are very few good examples of sports clubs smartly using the potential of social media ads to deliver tangible results to their current partners.

Brands want real results, not bulls***t media value numbers or views.

It's cheaper for them to buy views on other media channels.

Sports clubs have the power to help brands tell stories and by blending that with well-targeted social media advertising to measurably deliver actual sales and REAL ROI for those partners.

Making it much easier to have that tricky renewal conversation during tricky economic times.


(watch @19:40 see AC Milan's tactic)