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Who really gives a f**k about you?

Updated: Nov 15, 2020

Too often business owners (and people) worry about the potential opinions of those who couldn't give a fuck about what you are doing. Pondering on this and the concept of 1,000 true fans led me to creating 'The Concentric Circles of giving a fuck'  (whoever writes those massive uni textbooks feel free to send me those cheques and students reference me in your dissertations 😂)

It includes:

  • You

  • Your die-hard true fans, who are loyal

  • Your lapsed and irregular customers who come by now and again

  • People who know about you or are aware of you, but haven't come to a decision yet and purchased from you

  • People who don't give a fuck about you... yet

  • People who will NEVER give a fuck about you

There are a huge number of people who will never give a fuck about what you do. Never. Literally billions of people that may never be exposed to your amazing product or service and therefore will never care. However hard you try. Forget about them.

One step closer in is a group who don't give a fuck about you yet, these people, in time could move closer in and eventually become those die-hard fans. But they've got so much other noise and distractions, that could take a lot of work and a good slice of luck for you to get them in. There is other things they could be dedicating their time and money to. Things that are more sensible, things that are more vital, things that are funner, things that are cheaper... whatever. Every sale you make is soeone choosing to spend money with you over the infinite other purchases they can make. What you should be prioritising is those inner circles. Those inner circles are the key to fast-growth (and profit!). Turning your already die-hard true fans into an army of ambassadors bringing other like-minded people in through word of mouth and referrals. Increase their opportunities to give you cash, whether its frequency of purchases, average order value and new products. Identify these customers and involve them in your plans, diagnose what they want and need from you. Then use your marketing budget and resources right now to bring back those lapsed and irregular customers and convert a percentage into die-hard fans. Use your marketing budget and fans to retarget and persuade those people who already familiar with you. Create systems and processes to attract, sell and deliver great experiences to these 'inner circles'. Then something magic will happen. That inner circle will keep growing... (and so should your bank balance too!) This then affords you the time and budget to look at replicating these systems but for the next circle out... one step at a time. Chasing after people who will never give a fuck about you is a waste of your time. And remember no-one cares about it as much as you- so stop nagging and pleading with your aunt to buy and prop up your business! This sounds tricky to start...

But building these systems and processes is what we do for clients, in all sorts of industries, day in, day out Just reply to this email and we'll sort out a chat to see if we can help you out. Cheers, James P.S. I mentioned the principle of 1,000 true fans, here is the original piece by Kevin Kelly on his concept P.P.S. I was introduced to Kevin Kelly from Tim Ferriss Podcast with him and his book Tribe of Mentors, both worth checking out if you haven't already!


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