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What to learn from Eat Out to Help Out

Who scrambled in for that last cut price meal yesterday?

I know I did.

And I have taken full advantage over the last few weeks of the £10 off per meal... (trust me my belly proves it).

But it got me thinking...

Restaurants often have a decent discount or offer on weekdays to encourage customers.

Two-for-Tuesdays at Dominos being the most obvious example but the majority of restaurants will have something similar and much easier to grasp than the quite complicated rules at first of the government scheme.

But Rishi's campaign had 2 major positives going for it.



Everybodies timelines, high streets and conversation were centred around Eat Out to Help Out and the messaging was everwhere.

This exposure meant everyone was desiring some sort of restaurant trip all the time.

That constant exposure and being top of mind is so valuable for any campaign and is the ultimate goal when marketing your business.

But desire is nothing without acting upon it.

And as we are just shaven apes and not as smart as we think, there is one obvious way to get us to act...


The fear of missing out.

When we see (or think we see) that other people are taking advantage of a good offer we want to do it too!

To create a campaign as popular as this, think about how you can achieve both exposure and FOMO in your marketing?

If you've got a great idea on creating FOMO of your audience, we know how to advertise on your audience's most used social media platforms to GUARANTEE exposure...

So that's food for thought... (yes that was cheesy, deal with it!)


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