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What do you call a male Karen?

What do you call a male Karen?

When you run ads on social media you expect some shitty comments.

It comes with the territory of sticking your head above the parapet.

And sadly Facebook (in particular over other networks) is full of bitter, jealous wankers with nothing better to do but comment pointless comments.

We're used to this.

We keep an eye and are quick to moderate comments on our client's ad campaigns.

Sometimes 'negative' comments can lead to a constructive conversation which propels further engagement and makes your ad reach more people, whilst you pay less.

But sometimes the best thing to do is just remove and not get dragged into it...

We have the privilege of working on some campaigns with Heavyweight champ Anthony Joshua.

A hero to many and personally I have great memories from being at his fights with friends or watching in pubs throwing beer in the air. So it's great to be involved.