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Want to know why less than 20% of businesses actually ‘make it’...?

Dear UK entrepreneurs…

‘Making it’ as a business owner is tougher than ever.

Over 600,000 new businesses are established in the UK EVERY YEAR!

All initially fueled with a mixture of optimism, sweat and savings 💪

But let’s break down the statistics for those 600,000 new businesses:

😰 Only 120,000 will even be operating in 2 years 😰

😟 Under 5% ever go on to break £1m in yearly sales 😟

😫 Less than 1% get to 8 figures 😫

😳 And nearly all of them have closed within 7 years 😳


The basic answer is, they run out of cash.

Cash is KING👑💰, if a business can’t afford to pay its employees, pay its taxes, or any of the other necessary expenses required to run - it’s done.

Let’s go deeper, though: WHY do businesses run out of cash? In a word:


Why is it that some companies burn through every dollar they make and seem to never have enough?

While others succeed, flourish and ‘get all the luck’.

At some point, you have to ask yourself…

“Is it possible to arm yourself with the right systems, the right resources, the right thinking, to make it through the biggest challenges with certainty, security and stability?”

And if so... what’s the secret?

In 1984, Apple (odds are you are reading this on one of their devices you spent £££ on) spent $650,000 on 1 single ad and 25 years later became the most valuable company in the world.

For my clients and my own agency, we spend over 5 figures a month on advertising and we do this profitably.

Advertising these businesses each and every month using our strategies, systems and experience.

I’m building a bigger team and I want to teach YOU how we do it 🙌

The principles we use and the campaigns we create will keep your business profitable- in good times, and in bad times.

No matter what experiences you want in life, advertising is a skill set can create the money required to enjoy them.

What’s your excuse for not finding out more? 😏

Cheers, James

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