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The reasons why 96% of marketers love social media advertising

Social media advertising can be the rocket fuel for your businesses growth...

96% of marketers consider Facebook ads the most effective form of advertising available.

These strategies aren’t restricted to big companies with huge budgets either...

Many businesses have used these selling systems to generate millions of dollars of sales in businesses of all sizes.


Unlike traditional advertising, which can take months of prep and a long time to even see what the results are.

Social media advertising can be ready to go and adopt quickly producing immediate trackable results.


You can start advertising for £1 a day.

Turn it on and off when you like, but even if you are spending hundreds of thousands a month it’s still cheap!

Social media advertising is an investment to produce an increase in revenue. Does your other advertising spend predictably do this month on month?


Facebook and Instagram (for better or for worse) have the largest collection of data on people’s demographics, interests and purchase habits to have ever been collected.

Leverage this to get your product & service to more people that will love you and your business, laser focus in on 'your perfect customer'.


You can see and analyse real time data about every £ you spent and full breakdown of ROI for each click to test, learn, improve and re-invest!


Social media advertising can work for any size business and budget... from a side hustle on your kitchen table to the FTSE 100.

Success isn’t about how much money you throw at it, it’s about how well you master it.


The hottest tech start-ups and ecommerce giants have built their businesses this way

  • MVMT watches

  • Gymshark

  • Skyscanner

  • Wish

  • Airbnb

  • Candy crush

  • Casper mattresses

  • Harry’s razors

In their first 3 years as businesses most of these would be spending 80% or more of their budgets on social media advertising or digital marketing.

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