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THE GREAT HACK: A Facebook Ads Agency Owner's honest review

One of the first scenes of Netflix's new documentary gave me a strong hit of déjà vu from some of my sales meetings...

"Who has seen an advertisement, that has convinced you that your microphone is listening to your conversations?

It's hard for us to imagine how else it would work...

But, what's happening is your behaviour is being accurately predicted, the ads that seem uncannily accurate, that have to be eavesdropping on us, are more likely to be evidence that the targeting works, and predicts our behaviour."

Thank you Professor David Carrol, I couldn't sum it up better myself.

The sheer amount of data Facebook has to optimise ads combined with human cognitivie bias lends to this 'creepy' feeling.

You are likely to see around 10,000 marketing messages every day, the odds are that a few of these link to conversations you've had with friends recently.

"All your interactions, credit cards swipes, web searches, locations, likes...

All are collected in real time and connected to your identity, giving any buyer direct access to your pulse.

Armed with knowledge they compete for my attention, feeding me a steady stream of content built for, and only seen, by me.

And this is true for each and everyone of us..."

This documentary's first half focuses on how platforms like Facebook can gather consumer data and why they do so.

Second half really focuses in on Cambridge Analytica and their actions along with the testimonies of some ex colleagues who are torn between ashamed/ proud of what they have done.

Cambridge Analytica has become a buzzword for Facebook and privacy it seems, but they were essentially a marketing & PR agency with a specific niche of political campaigns.

They used social media advertising combined with other data to influence the US election and Brexit vote, arguably being a huge factor in achieving success for their clients- Trump & Vote Leave (even though they deny this relationship throughout).

If you are after definitive answers over where this will end, what actually happened, who was to blame you might be dissapointed as it doesn't dig much deeper than any of the information that is already out there apart from some email exchanges and insight into working for Cambridge Analytica, which most ex-employees still seemed nostalgic thinking about how ingenious they had been.

Also it very much focuses on just Facebook & Cambridge Analytica when equally Netflix themselves analyse huge streams of data which affects which thumbnails individuals see, their recommendations, but also future commissions.

Famously the House of Cards series was one of the first 'data-driven' commissions of a TV series

The concept of 'Fake News' can be traced back decades in propaganda wars across all media platforms in all countries, but it really came to the forefront during Cambridge Analytica's campaign and it is scary the power they had spreading disinformation to individuals who are more likely to be swayed, 'The Persuadables', as they are labelled.