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Take more mini-risks...

Updated: Nov 15, 2020

I got very lucky...

I took a risk and it paid off.

A mini gamble.

During the peak of lockdown (that time when you couldn't even sit down in your local park) me and my housemates booked a return flight to Lisbon.

It was £30 so worst-case scenario is we can't go and get £30 from Easyjet as credit.

Turns out our timing couldn't have been better, we left with a lot of uncertainty over the quarantine list and if we'd be cooped up in our house upon returning.

As we touched back down on UK soil last Thursday, every passenger's phones start pinging off as whilst we were airborne the UK government announced anyone returning from Portugal from Saturday morning would have to quarantine.

A wave of relief came through the plane and fully grateful to think probably one of the lucky last few people to get on holiday this summer.

I'm not writing this to rub it in.

I took away from that to keep taking these micro-risks, small gambles.

If it works out, then great.

If it doesn't.. oh well.

Something else will come along and a new opportunity will come up.

Often entrepreneurs and small business owners can stand still and not take any risks in moving forward.

They get 'paralysis by analysis' and start thinking about all the possible negative outcomes and never make those bold decisions and take those risks that are needed to grow.

So what micro-risks are YOU going to take this week?



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P.P.S. I talk about this a bit more and give 2 other key takeaways in my latest podcast episode Rest, Reset and Taking Risks 🎧


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