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Facebook always makes it so tempting doesn't it. Sending you gentle reminders like 'ooh your post could be reaching 2,000 more people, wanna boost it?'.

For just £5 a day I could reach so many more people...Seems like a no-brainer right?



Don't do it. It's a trap

Here are the reasons why you need to stop pressing that f***ing 'BOOST POST' button⁣ 😤

  1. You can’t choose ‘where’ across Facebook's advertising network your ad gets seen⁣

  2. ⁣ You can’t perform A/B tests to find out truths⁣

  3. You can’t use more detailed audience targeting⁣

  4. You can’t exclude certain audiences or individuals you DON'T want to show the ad to⁣

  5. ⁣ You can’t create different bespoke ad formats for the same campaign⁣

  6. Your ad is always optimised for engagement... not traffic, leads or sales.⁣

Are the people (or bots) that endlessly like and comment stuff like 'Cool content bro' the same as your customers?⁣ ⁣

Pressing the boost post button is telling Facebook to search out these 'engagers' and not 'buyers'.⁣ ⁣

Not utilising Facebook's Business Manager and advertising tools is like going to war with a plastic spork as your weapon 😩😩😩⁣ ⁣

If you've wasted £££ on that boost post button and had disappointing results then it's time to level up and start leveraging the full extent of Facebook's Advertising Manager.

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