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Power hour!

Monday's always seem to set the tone for the week don't they?

Hope yours kicked off with all the right signs of a great week ahead, even if it's getting colder and nothing's open.

My Monday morning was back to back coaching sessions for people wanting help launching some new ads.

These 'power hours' are perfect for:

  • 'Fixing' an ad campaign that doesn't seem to be yielding results

  • A crash-course in creating your first ads campaign

  • Feedback and improvements on your ad campaigns

  • Breaking through a plateau with your marketing

If that sounds alright you can book in at a time that suits you by clicking here, Or simply reply if you have some questions. Enjoy your evenings and take this week by storm! Cheers James

PS. if you haven't already subscribe to my YouTube, it'll give me a big dopamine rush and help stop more business owners wasting their money on marketing that doesn't work!

PPS. add me on LinkedIn / follow on Insta too, I wanna see what you lovely lot are up to as well!


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