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Our copywriting formula to gamechange your ROI

Finding that your ads aren't getting clicks?

One key change to make is make sure your copy is on point, persuasive and doesn't get ignored.

A + P + S + O

The simple copywriting formula we use as a starting point for all our client campaigns.

A = Attention

You need to grab attention of your exact target audience, the initial 2 lines need to stop that person from scrolling.

If the creative, headline and first lines of body don't compel people to read on or click through you've lost them, that's why the first part of your copy needs to grab attention.

P = Problem

Identify the problem they are facing. What are they struggling with and again this brings them closer in and more involved.

S = Solution

Now you introduce the solution, which surprise is your product/service. You don't want to go overboard here. Typically the more involved the purchase and more unfamiliar they are with your brand the longer the copy.

But please remember to highlight BENEFITS not FEATURES, people only care what's in it for them.

Which is usually not the features that most businesses waffle on about in their marketing.

O= Offer

Now the thing that so many people miss, you need to offer them something.

A reason they have to click, and they have to click now!

If you aren't giving them a call to action and a 'godfather offer' (an offer they cannot refuse) you may lose them forever.

So try this out with your next post, website article, email newsletter and most importantly YOUR NEXT AD!

Cheers James


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