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On the 1st day of Christmas

On the 1st day of Christmas, here's a Facebook ads tip from meeeeeee... 🎵

Give away something of value for free!

Your initial ad to a cold audience (people who don't know you)is going to be much more persuasive and likely to be clicked if it's about them and not about you!

This helps you further segment your audience and then improves your retargeting ads afterwards.

Think about it...

What's more attractive as an advert.

"Use us for your removals services" vs "The Ultimate checklist for everyone that's about to move house"

"Buy an electrionic scooter and accessories here" vs "Everything you need to know before buying an electronic scooter"

"We are trustworthy estate agents, I promise" vs "The 10 things your Estate agent doesn't want you to know before selling your property"

"We're a local accountant who can help you with your books" vs "The 8 questions to ask an accountant to check they are right for you!"