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Not doing enough?

A quick question for you...

How many offers did you make yesterday?

In other words,

How many people did you ask to buy your product or service?

I imagine, the answer is 'not enough'.

And that should be concerning.

it doesn't take a genius to figure out the amount of sales you make is very closely correlated with the amount of offers you make.

Do you want a strategy that you can use today to make more offers?

A strategy that can get results ASAP from even a tenner.

That simple strategy is you should try making an ad to sell your product or service.

Our ads for our most specific, niche clients still only cost us about 10p to show that ad to someone in their target audience. If it's profitable, we spend more. If it's not, we turn it off almost immediately (unlike print, radio, or TV ads where you are locked into long-term contracts). But there is a catch... There is always a catch! I takes time... 1) to figure out exactly WHO is the perfect audience 2) to determine what is the ,most persuasive message for that audience to act 3) to build the most effective pages to guide people to 4) to learn all the technical back-end stuff 5) to manage it on a daily basis and notice the patterns and trends It can be quite a lot of work, (to do it properly anyway!). If you can't be arsed to implement all the above, why not let me create your next ad for you? I'll make it easy for you. You can click this button and book in a call. On that call I'll tell you:

  • Exactly what to write

  • Who to show it to

  • How to measure ir properly

After this call, you can take what we discussed and do it yourself. Or you can pay me to do it for you. Either way, it's win-win. If this sounds fair, click the link below to get started. PS. We dominate for niche services that need leads fast, see some of these recent results...

That one is for a small business that scraps cars in Essex and East Anglia

This is for a a big corporate B2B packaging machinery business targeting staff at food & beverage businesses.

And all you ecom entrepreneuers, heres a campaign that we turned $383 into $3,214 in sales for a global sports brand


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