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Never boost your post (and more tips you NEED to know)

On the 5th day of Christmas, here's a Facebook ads tip from meeeeeee... 🎵


It's so tempting isn't it but you are throwing money away.

Get on Ads manager and set your ads up properly.

Boosting post is like having a Michelin star chef in your kitchen and you ask them to make some toast.

You are not getting anywhere near the full benefits available to you!

Click here to see me sing/speak abit more about this.

Here are the other days of Christmas so far:

🤓 You need to be a nerd

🤔 What happens then?

😍 Make Ads people love

🤩 And give away something of value for freeeee!

Stay tuned for more over the next week.

It's getting increasingly harder to fit these in coherently and tunefully whilst making it make sense as well as resemble the original song.

Cringe/Laugh/wish me luck over on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Tik Tok.



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