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Moody Cows 🐄

I got chased out of a field today by some (quite rightly) moody, territorial cows 🐄

Weird Tuesday morning.

It surprised me how quick they were as I waded through some boggy mud and cleared a fence with about 10m to spare.

I thought cows weren't meant for running, all those urban myths about cow-tipping. I didn't realise they were proper athletes.

After looking it up, I was shocked to see they can hit a top speed of 40km per hour!

To put that into context, Usain Bolt, (the Usain Bolt), his top speed when he broke the 100m world record was 45km per hour!

This was the ringleader, looks harmless doesn't she?

Those eyes allow her to see nearly 360 degrees.

Easier to patrol their ends and spot me obviously!

Want another cow fact?  🐄

They chew for 8 hours a day, so over 40,000 chews.

They're good at eating.

Which makes sense... "you are what you repeatedly do".

Sooo... (back on track James)

What do you want to get good at?

What will drive your business forward for the rest of this topsy-turvy year?

There's no use expecting to get better results or increase performance without putting the work and time in.