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Listen to this to get more productive...

Updated: Nov 15, 2020

Back in lockdown in a very wet Wales...

So it's back to making sure I get a decent walk in with an interesting podcast.

It can be a lot more difficult to get that podcast in when it's pissing it down outside and not sunny like the first lock down.

But even in a weather warning today flew by with a great interview between James Clear (famous for writing the global best seller 'Atomic Habits') and James Smith (the so-called 'Gordon Ramsay of Fitness' with his no bullshit approach to helping people sort their lives out).

Some lil nuggets of wisdom were:

"The biggest productivity hack is just saying no"

"Your first effort is going to be weak, your 1,000th will be strong. So put the reps in"

"Whatever results you have now are the byproduct of the systems and habits you've been following and stacking up for the last 6 months"

What habits are you doing to make yourself more productive and effective?

What systems are you creating from these habits?

Here is the full podcast episode which if you've got some time today, settle in, it's a great listen:

(If you listen on other platforms, I'm sure you can find it, you're smart enough!)

Definitely recommend grabbing James Clear's book Atomic Habits too!

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