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"how much should I spend on Facebook ads?"

Updated: Nov 15, 2020

"How much should I spend on Facebook Ads"⁣?⁣


We get this question a lot from beginners and unfortunately it's one of those questions like "how long is a piece of string?" but answering with that makes me sound like a wanker...⁣

So in our most recent YouTube video I go into a bit more depth explaining the answer to this age-old question...

Other questions me and my colleague Ash cover are....

🕒 How much time do I need to spend managing my Facebook Ads?⁣

😰 How long until I will see results?⁣

🚫 Why do my Facebook Ads keep getting rejected?⁣

👀 Where do my Facebook Ads appear?⁣

🎯 How do I know who to target with my Facebook Ads?⁣



PS. Episode 1 is available to watch here

PPS. let me know what other questions you've got about facebook ads, funnels and social media in general


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