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How KFC can improve your marketing & advertising...

Updated: Nov 15, 2020

I've got a big craving for KFC today...

And trying to distract myself from this craving I ended up thinking how KFC can improve your marketing & advertising? 🍗⁣⠀


Unfortunately mate-  it's not through tucking into a finger-licking family bucket 😔 ⁣⠀


But when you plan any marketing campaigns and advertising copy (as well as landing pages) you need to think of the Colonel and his famous chicken...⁣⠀


🍗 Know 🧠⁣⠀

🍗 Feel ❤️️⁣⠀

🍗 Close 🤝⁣⠀

What do you want your audience to KNOW about your business and product, it's key here to focus on BENEFITS not features

Too many businesses bore their potential customers with features they couldn't give a shit about, focus on the benefits to the buyer.⁣⠀


What do you want your audience to FEEL after they see your campaign or use your product?

This needs to be a strong reason and feeling that comes with using your product. ⁣⠀

This can be a tricky question if you've never spent time on it, usually you are bringing your customer closer towards some sort of pleasure or further away from some sort of pain.⁣⠀


What do you want your audience to do?


You do need to go in for the CLOSE, make your campaigns idiot-proof and make it crystal clear what you want them to do.⁣⠀


So when planning your next campaign, think of KFC 🍗⁣⠀



PS. If you want to know more about our special recipe of secret herbs and spices that allow you to turn more clicks into customers, hunt attention online and scale up your business just reply to this email with the words 'finger-licking good' or something else more descriptive.


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