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The restaurant industry has been one of the most affected from Coronavirus.

With the UK on lock-down the only way to generate orders now is to push your takeaway offering. However relying on the takeaway platforms to bring in orders isn't always reliable. Also your organic posts only reach between 1-3% of your followers- on a good day!

We know that Facebook Ads can guarantee reach and exposure to your local community, but to beginners it can seem intimidating to set one up properly.

That is why we've recorded a simple AF guide to launching your first ever Facebook Ad for your restaurant that will reach EVERYONE in your delivery radius.

And you can create one in under 15 minutes!

This video walk through only scratches the surface of what you can do and is meant for businesses who have never tried social media advertising, so it is a rough and ready tutorial for ensuring your business gets seen fast!

We used Wandsworth as an example and for £20 a day you could reach 17k residents who use Deliveroo, Justeat and Ubereats.

ANY restaurant owner (or other small business) who wants a free walk-through with us holding your hand (metaphorically!😷) and tailoring the campaign for your business check out our Local Biz Booster now!

👇 If you don't want to watch me/listen to my nasally voice here are written instruction 👇

🤳 What are Facebook Ads? 🤳

When you scroll on social media approximately 1 in 3 stories or posts on your Facebook and Instagram feeds are ads created by businesses that have paid to reach you. Facebook's comprehensive advertising tools allow businesses to target very specific audiences with tailored advertising messages.

Paid social media advertising is the fastest growing advertising channel globally, Facebook has seen a steady increase in advertising revenue, simply because it works.

96% of marketers consider Facebook ads the most effective form of advertising available with any business able to generate meaningful, measure results from just £5 a day

Click here to read the reasons why

More so than ever, screen time is increasing and businesses owners NEED to ensure they reach their target audience

Now could be the perfect time to experiment with the most cost-effective advertising platform available in 2020.

🚫 Why you should NEVER press boost post 🚫

Facebook always makes it so tempting doesn't it.

Sending you gentle reminders like 'ooh your post could be reaching 2,000 more people, wanna boost it?'

Please don't

Boosting a post doesn't fully utilise the extent of options available to you with regards to audience targeting, the type of ad and most importantly it's optimised for 'engagements' not on people actually taking that action. Also you are missing out on a ton of data to easily test, compare and improve your adverts

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😁 Creating Your First Ad Campaign 😁

The first step is to open your Facebook Ads Manager.

To find out if you already have a business manager account or create a new one go to: and go through the simple set up instructions there to create an account.

Once you are in ads manager you can select 'Create' which should be somewhere on the left hand side (some users view will be slightly different depending on if your view is the updated ads manager or previous version).

You will see there are 3 'levels' to a Facebook Ads campaign.

  • Campaign

  • Ad Set

  • Ad

The 'Campaign' level is where you set the objective you want to achieve for your ad campaign.

The 'Ad Set' level is where you decide WHO you are showing the ad too as well as WHERE the ad gets placed. The 'Ad' level is where you set up the creative (image/video), the copy (the text that accompanies the ad) and the destination (where you are taking the audience after the ad).

We recommend clearly labelling each level and to develop a clear system of labelling over time.

Trust us it will help when you come to compare and review different ad's performances!

🏆 What's Your Objective? 🏆

There are many objectives you can set when creating a campaign. This will dictate how your ads manager measures 'success' as well as what Facebook tries to optimise for. For the purpose of this campaign and getting orders please focus on 'Traffic' or 'Conversions'.

By selecting 'Traffic' you are telling Facebook for the maximum amount of people to click the ad and visit the page you want them too. If you have your pixel set up and measuring conversions then choose conversions. If the last sentence doesn't make sense to you please click the traffic objective!