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Find out why only 9% of London Estate Agents know how to market themselves properly online 😲🏡

And how YOU can source more properties for your team in the next 30 days...

I've lived around South West London and Clapham Junction for over 5 years and it is arguably one of the most competitive property markets in the UK.

As you walk down the high streets in the area, estate agents are taking over and competition is fierce!

To demonstrate how competitive it is I took a photo last week of 2 estate agent offices side by side with the flats above their own offices (!!!) being advertised by 2 other agencies... 😨

Estate agent competition Clapham, Wandsworth. Foxtons, Cound, Savills, Chestertons all in one property
Sums it up doesn't it 😂 Foxtons, Cound, Savills and Chestertons in a turf war!

This intense competition ignites an arms race for who can hunt down and acquire customers cost-effectively.

Having been on the property hunting side and with friends who have worked as estate agents, it seems the real challenge isn't selling or letting the properties.

It's attracting and sourcing enough new sellers and landlords onto your books.



  • Aggressive and increasing competition from all angles 😠

  • Rising costs (and commissions) to the big platforms such as Zoopla & RightMove 😤

  • Your spending on marketing & advertising that is generating little or ZERO return 😞

  • Your staff you pay to negotiate and sell properties, are spending more time posting letters and chasing dead, cold leads 📬

  • Distinguishing yourselves from the competition to stand out to sellers & landlords 😎

And it's time to stop with the excuses of...

'The market's quiet right now' 😴


'You know... Brexit....yeah' 😴


Houses are still going on sale, tenants are still moving in.

You are letting yourself and your team use these poor excuses when things are a bit dry.

You can either sit on your hands and keep using these excuses or you can do something about it.

Do something to be in control and consistently generate leads, rather than hoping and praying for those perfect customers to drop in your lap.

You know that you've got a lot to offer and will go that extra mile for your sellers and landlords...