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Don't sleep on QR codes (the unintended consequence of Track + Trace)

Do you think Track & Trace will be the tipping point for consumers accepting QR codes in the UK? 🤳⁣

People don't like QR codes.

People tried to link the world around consumers with the online world using QR codes before...

But there was just a nationwide response of 'nope cba'.⁣

It didn't help you used to have to install another app just to scan...⁣ such a ballache!

Now everyone's used to it through Track & Trace and other restaurants capturing data will this see 'the second wave of QR codes?' (see what I did there 🤓).⁣

I went to China 4 years ago and it was mad seeing that everything including payments was handled via WeChat and QRcodes...

And that was just how things were, it wasn't just the younger generation, it was everyone across everything.

Scanning your phone over some wei