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Moving day...

Updated: Nov 15, 2020

Moving house is annoying.

A constant to-do list and a seemingly never ending amount of boxes to pack up.

That's what I've been up to over the weekend and got into my new home last night.

I've changed the hustle and bustle of South West London to the middle of nowhere in Wales for a while.

Considering at Evergreen its only myself and Ash full-time this could be a tricky thing to balance the ball ache of moving house and keeping everything progressing for clients.

But not only just keeping things ticking over, actively growing our business and keeping the momentum up.

Last week I recorded a video on how to use social media advertising to generate leads for your business on auto-pilot.

Generating high quality leads for your business while you sleep. Or while you move house! Below is a screenshot of our ad results from last Thursday to this morning for our own business.

And this isn't an anomaly, this is happening day-in, day-out. Because we practice what we preach. Which not enough agencies do. And this is to advertise a weird little social media ad agency run off my laptop, there are far more exciting businesses out there (maybe yours?) and trust me, there are much cheaper audiences than small business owners and entrepreneurs in the UK! We know this approach works and can help scale up businesses fast. As long as you build an appropriate funnel and system. Creating campaigns that feed all areas of the funnel and offer value to potential customers. If you want to start generating leads for your business on auto-pilot for the same price as  one of them weird pumpkin spice cinnamon whipped cream latte's at Starbucks, maybe you should book in some time to chat to us. If you think your business needs help turning clicks into customers and hunting attention online, click here.

I'll make sure we set you on the right path. (After I've finished unpacking all these fucking boxes!)

Cheers, James PS. If you want a free fiver, I'm doing some research for a new project. Answer some questions in this quick survey and I'll send you a £5 Amazon voucher.


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