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Are you making these mistakes?

Updated: Nov 15, 2020


So the reason you're reading this is you think you can improve your marketing online.

We've spoken to a lot of ambitious entrepreneurs and I'll bet you a fiver that right know you are making at least one of these three marketing mistakes:

1. You’re desperate and don't have the right tools

Your customers are out there, you know that, but you’re desperately scrambling about trying to get them to buy from you.

You are trying to hunt them down.

Without a map.

Without a compass.

Without a clue.

It's like trying to find a needle in a haystack.

You aren't taking advantage of the amazing tools available to you in 2020.

Don’t use a magnifying glass to search for the needle in the haystack, use a magnet.

Using advanced targeting and retargeting to ensure omnipresence.

You want to be everywhere and give your business the best chance of capturing their attention (and wallets!)

2. You're a headless chicken

A lot of business owners are guilty with believing they are 'experts' in marketing or they can learn and don't need help.

What happens is you'll read a blog or watch a video and jump from one tactic to another.

With no clear strategy.

Never any consistency, focus, attention and dedication.

What do you expect combining all those factors to achieving nearly zero, measurable results?

You are probably right now:

  • dabbling in a bit of SEO

  • playing about with some Facebook Ads

  • dipping your toes in to Google Ads

  • testing a few influencers

  • learning about conversion rate optimisation

  • speaking to someone soon about email marketing

All whilst trying to actually run your business. Staying on top of servicing and delivering to your current customers. You wouldn't get a plumber to look after your kids would you? You wouldn't get your babysitter to sort out your dodgy u-bend? You find the people with the right expertise to solve your problems. Allowing you to crack on and focus on what matters.

3. You are being selfish

You plan your marketing campaigns thinking what is in it for you.

Assuming that whoever you reach will already understand you can solve their problems, that they should trust you implicitly and you are great value- no questions asked.

That's not how it works.

Consumers have options, are busy and are sceptical.

You need to put yourself in their shoes more.

What are their problems, wants, desires?

How can your business help them? How does it make them feel?

What is in it for them?

What can you do to negate all their doubts about purchasing?

Create an offer they cannot refuse...

Make it a no-brainer decision.

If you get them that first time and delight them, you'll keep them as a customer for life.

It's all about the lifetime value not the one-off purchase.


This all probably sounds like a lot of effort and learning, right?

Instead of thinking "how can I do all this whilst keeping on top of my business".

Don't do all of this yourself.

It's simple.

We can assess your situations, whatever the budget and find the right solution for you.

No obligation at all, if you aren't the right fit for our services or the timing's not right, we'll still be able to point you in the right direction to make some immediate results!



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