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ELI5 stands for explain like I'm 5. It's such a good mindset to get into. Especially when you are marketing or selling a product. If you can't explain what it is to a 5 year old. You don't know how to sell it. If you can't explain to a 5 year old why it's important. You don't know how to sell it. Go through the wording on your website, social media or any other marketing platforms and start simplifying it. Keep simplifying it. Cut out the terms and language that is only there to fuel your ego and an attempt to impress your competitors and other people in your industry. Remember it's for your customers, not them. B2B companies, I'm looking at you. You are the worst at this. How else do you explain things to 5 year-olds? Use examples. Tell stories. Compare to other things they already know and understand. Bake this in to your ads and marketing and you'll be on to a winner! I'm saying this as someone who often gets caught up and carried away explaining things. I'm a marketer who spends most of my day tinkering about with a technological advertising platform. Or more simply... I help businesses show their products on the mobile phones of the people who are most likely to want them.

People spend lots of hours a day scrolling on their mobile phones, so I try and grab their attention here because we know it's somewhere they already are going to be. Like an ice cream van who makes sure to go to the park on a sunny day. They're going to where a lot of people who might want his ice creams are going to be! It is so hard to do this and not get caught in your own bulls**t, especially if you're surrounded by buzzwords in your usual job. But until you start doing this at every opportunity you are losing out on sales. Because people that are confused or unclear aren't willing to take the risk... even its only for a £5 product off your Shopify store! Thanks, James PS. This is a big topic in our chapter on Copywriting in the Social Media Advertising Academy.

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PPPS. ELI5 comes from an amazing Reddit thread r/explainlikeimfive where you can learn amazing things such as " how can our brains remember that we forgot something, but it can't remember what we forgot?"


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