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4 ways I can help you this weekend...

It's the weekend, it's lockdown.

Its all a bit weird.

I won't take up much of your time I just want to offer 4 things that could help you out this weekend.

No strings attached.

1. Improve how you use social media

  • Turn notifications off

  • Manipulate the algorithm conciously by engaging with the accounts/topics you want to see more of/learn more about/makes you feel good.

  • Other tips on how to make social media work for you and not vice versa are in this video here

2. Give your favourite local spot (or your own business) the best chance of survival We all have those favourite local restaurants/coffee shops in your local area. The staples. You've hunted far and wide for the best bhajis, the loveliest latté's or the perfect poached eggs. For some of you restaurant owners on this list, this is you! This year has been tougher than ever for the hospitality industry. Our most popular video tutorial has been this ultimate guide to getting more takeway orders which is a step-by-step tutorial for setting up a local ad for restaurants and takeway services. Here is the full written guide and here is the YouTube video.

Why not share the above with that local restaurant/coffee shop you love and don't want to see struggle during this 2nd lockdown? Return the favour and ensure their survival through this tough time! We have also slimmed down our service to cater for ANY business and we know we can bring a big, quick, measurable boost to your favourite local business (or your business) with our new product the 'Local Biz Booster' check out more at the link below: 👉 For those businesses you love that are a bit more fiddly in terms of their customer journeys... (looking at you B2B businesses and tradesmen) have a bang on our 5 funnels that can generate leads WHATEVER your budget! YouTube video

3. Earn yourself a fiver in 5 minutes

Simple, I want some more of your views before we launch the Social Media Advertising Academy...

For everyone that answers this quick survey I'll send you a £5 Amazon voucher.

But obviously if you just put random, pointless answers a million times I will revoke that fiver, so don't be a dick 😉