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3 months until Christmas...

Weird... 3 months until Christmas 🎅 Seems like a lot can happen in that next 3 months considering 2020 so far!

Although a lot has gone on this year, you cannot leave it too late to plan and sort your festive marketing campaigns to ensure you don't get left behind. Yes, it is going to be a weirder Christmas than most, especially if the 10pm curfew is still in place. But a big elephant in the room which people aren't talking about is there will be a large amount of potential customers with more disposable cash than normal at this point of the year... Not going out for big boozy Christmas do's and drinks 4 times a week. Not to mention I know there will be University Students with more disposable cash than they had forecasted for without buying rounds of Vodka red bulls at 2am! If you are stuck for how to make the most of Christmas 2020 and keep moving forward..then now is the time to start experimenting and testing with advertising on social media platforms to ride that wave in December 🏄 To book a slot in my diary and develop a plan click the link below:

Cheers and enjoy your weekends 👍



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