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3,747 minutes

Updated: Nov 15, 2020

3,747 minutes... That's how many minutes of video was viewed on my YouTube channel in September. An extra 700 video views. And I didn't even upload in September at all.. This is compounding from the (arguably few) good videos that have picked up and get daily views from people looking to grow their business and learn more about social media advertising. It is a bit of a mindfuck and very weird to think in the last 12 months theres been over 350 hours of people watching me chat about Facebook Ads & marketing. Thankfully this has also resulted in a constant stream of enquiries from people through YouTube. This has given me a bit of a pick-me up on a grey, wet Monday morning and I want to keep this momentum going.

If you guys and girls on this email list let me know what you NEED help with, I can answer those questions and help a bunch of other people with the same issues. I'll give you a shoutout to your business too... (and if you want it a FREE social media ads audit on YOU and your competitors!) Here is a brainstorm of some of the videos I've got in the pipeline:

  • An Agency owners reaction to The Social Dilemma

  • An open letter to Yell.Com to stop stealing people's money

  • What are the metrics that matter when using Facebook Ads

  • Books every marketer NEEDS to read in 2020

  • LinkedIn Advertising tutorial for B2B businesses

PS. I'd appreciate all and any subscribers so click here if you like to learn by watching YouTube, there is also some random videos of me and Ash in wigs, pretending to be Trump and weird Tik Tok 'influencers'


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