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Get your 100% FREE no-obligation 30-minute strategy session call that could flip the switch on how your business leverages social media and digital marketing

Become a successful business owner that hunts attention, knows how to turn clicks into customers and add an extra ‘0’ to your monthly profits


You’ll be getting a fully customised breakdown of how to transform your business, from a growth marketing expert who has used battle-tested strategies across a variety of industries


Dear ambitious entrepreneur,

Imagine what it would be like to create well-oiled marketing machine that repeatedly generates a huge flow of new leads & sales, skyrocketing your revenue! 🚀 💰

Monthly profits would increase... you could increase you & your team's salaries, keeping everyone happy... hire that extra staff member you needed... fix that dodgy boiler... sleep better at night without the anxiety & worry of wondering if you can meet payroll... you can plan ahead with aggressive growth tactics... you wouldn't have to spend the weekends agonising over work... you can go to 'that thing' and spend more time with your friends and families... you can build the business you always dreamed of when starting up!

Do you want your business to be ahead of the game? 💪

Ask yourself, is it about time you:

  • Stop spending your marketing budgets on activities and campaigns that seem to be delivering f*** all!

  • Give up on those 'gurus' and 'CONtrepreneurs' who are crawling over your news feed promising the world and the 'one incredible secret that will turn you into a zillionaire' for an exclusive 'one-time' offer of £997

  • Stabbing in the dark and guessing how to grow your business based on 1 article you or your team read that week about the latest 'must-do' tactic

It's time to face these chilling facts...

😳 96% of businesses fail within 10 years 😳

😰 80% fail within 2 years 😰

😫 95% of businesses never reach £1m in yearly sales 😫

But what separates the winners & losers?

  • They are constantly seeking opportunities & tactics that help grow their business 📈

  • They aren't standing still waiting for growth to magically 'happen' 🧙

  • They focus on what moves the needle and can propel their business to the next level 🏆

  • They are willing to risk, experiment and constantly challenge their preconceptions and bias 🧠

Does this sound like you?

Do you want to stop being frustrated and stressed by your business?

If yes, it's worth discovering how YOU could implement our formula for hunting attention and turning clicks into customers.

Building out your own 'ONLINE MARKETING MACHINE''AUTOMATED SALES SYSTEM' to achieve growth!


We analyse your industry and your DREAM customer and reverse engineer where their attention is at 👀

Using best-in-breed technology and software, we create a strategy and build out a consistently-converting digital marketing funnel tailor-made for you in 90 days.

We flood this funnel with highly-targeted and high quality traffic of potential buyers through paid advertising.

These potential buyers are nurtured through an automated, data-driven, multi-platform campaign that spits out a rapid stream of sales and leads to you!

This tried and tested funnel transforms strangers into an engaged audience... then into leads, sales and eventually paying for themselves 10x over with up-selling and referral mechanisms baked in from the start!



Imagine if you have a sales system and marketing machine that predictably brings in loads of new customers, every day.

Turning on that tap and knowing you can predict that every £1 you put in your 'ONLINE MARKETING MACHINE' it works in tandem with your 'AUTOMATED SALES SYSTEM' it kicks back £3, £5, £10 or maybe even £100 in revenue.


Evergreen is a new breed of marketing agency, focusing on the techniques that get as much of your audience to notice you for the lowest cost possible.

Our concentration on creating funnels and using paid social media advertising drives results for you at speed and scale!

Other agencies focus on 'views, likes. comments' and other useless vanity metrics...🙄

What we care about is REAL RETURN ON INVESTMENT!






Your customer's attention is more often than not on their smartphones and favourite online platforms

We hunt and intercept your DREAM customer's attention at the right moment, kick starting awareness, and sales of your product from paid social media and search advertising.

We always create a unique, tailored solution for our clients. Typically this will concentrate on harnessing the awesome power of social media advertising across Facebook, Instagram & YouTube.

Did you know, according to a study by eMarketer...

 96% of marketers consider Facebook Ads the most effective form of advertising available 🤯

But it is a criminally underused, or abused, opportunity for business owners.

I know first-hand the amazing results it can produce for businesses, of all shapes and sizes, from all industries.

This is blended with our in-house expertise on:

🔎 Google Search Ads

🤝 Building Landing pages optimised for sales & conversions

🤖 Automated marketing software & systems to nurture & upsell leads

📹 Creating content & campaigns that customers (and algorithms) love!

There are 2 core ways we can help you...



(AKA Done for you)

  • Minimal additional time or resources needed from you after set-up

  • Higher likelihood of results at a quicker rate

  • Doesn't detract you or your team from other jobs  needed to run your business

  • Feedback & long-term relationships for me to give value to other marketing and operations in your business whilst you grow& and scale


Fast-growing ambitious businesses who are already struggling with time and workload. For entrepreneurs wanting it done with

positive results fast!

Prices from £1,200 month

excluding ad spend


coaching session icon.png


(AKA Done with you)

  • Lifelong skills and knowledge in-house

  • Different topics for different members of staff to attend and improve internal resources

  • Gives your business a deeper understanding of WHY ads work and how to address issues internally

  • Principles behind success to lift all other marketing tactics


Businesses with in-house marketing staff who have time to dedicate and desire to upgrade their skills. 

Also a management team with the patience and budget to test and learn their way to success

Prices from £1,700 for

half-day session


🔥 Up to 50% discount available for non-profits and social enterprises 🔥



Initially we weren't sure if Evergreen's methods would work in the B2B space.

However where we played our budget traditionally just was not delivering any tangible ROI.

James' analysis of our marketing campaigns and introduction of social media advertising gave us an insight into what was actually possible...

We have seen a huge increase not only in traffic and ways we can reach our customers, but also a much more cost-effective way to promote any sales promotions.

For a very tight niche, we have attracted 35k new unique users to our website and decreasing our cost per lead by 80% compared to other marketing channels!

For some ad campaigns our ROI is hitting over 18x which is unbelievable and we know that we are just scratching the surface on what we can do with retargeting from our Pixel.

We can now reach our audience whenever we want, in the locations where they are putting all their attention into - social media and their smartphones


Marketing Director,
Market-leading player in B2B IT

Look.. I get it...

You are thinking 🤔'hmm this seems interesting'.....


But I guess you want reassurance over what gives me the right to tell you how to market your business and handle your future campaigns.

Previously, I worked in a large sport marketing agency

rising up to Head of Operations when I was 25 ⚽️💼️

During my time at the agency we grew from 8 staff/£1m revenue to 30+ staff/ £5m revenue 📈

I built a B2B sales process, a team in Hong Kong & China, and a team to manage and plan global sport marketing campaigns 🌎

I was rubbing shoulders with CMO's and Marketing Directors at high-growth brands 💡🧠.

This allowed me to learn the amazing marketing techniques that were working in finance, mobile gaming, tech, ecommerce and betting.


I devoted myself to widening my knowledge and taking every course and qualification I could get my hands on 🎓, reverse engineering the businesses that were bossing it online and hacking attention at scale 🤳

But working with these larger brands you struggle to see the direct impact on a grass-roots level, I was feeling disillusioned with the 'corporate' environment 👔 😔

But I knew I could bring great value & impact to the smaller businesses and everyday entrepreneurs out there.

😍 My vision when I started Evergreen Growth & Marketing was to stop these everyday entrepreneurs wasting, time, money and the amazing opportunity presented by the internet and digital marketing.

Over the last 12 months my business has gone from strength to strength as I coach and manage clients in creating digital marketing funnels and using paid social media advertising to turn clicks into customers.

Me and my awesome team are managing budgets of 5 figures a month in advertising spend for our clients and have been nominated for 'Best New Business' and 'Best Business for Marketing & Social Media' in our London borough 💯

My background working with large brands means that I know how to blend the art, science, economics and psychology in marketing 🤓

How to balance 'brand' and 'sales' 

How to make you famous ⭐️ as well as flooding you with 'ready to buy' leads 🛒


Due to our success and growth in under 2 years, I am fortunate that Evergreen has great roster of clients we are proud of 😁

We are excited to add more and take on new challenges 💪 


Our time is limited and I am only willing to put my neck and company reputation on the line for those who I deem to be perfect partners and the 'right fit'.

I limit the intake for new clients every month and typically we reject 60% of applications #sorrynotsorry 🤷‍♂️

If a business doesn't have the required potential to grow, product viability and attidue across the team then it is a no-go, no matter how big the budget!

I am on the lookout for perfect partners who ideally fit the below:

1. Have someone in the business with a basic understanding of social media, digital marketing and knows how to manage their online assets (website, social media etc)

2. Are hungry to expand (nationally/globally) and add an extra ‘0’ to their revenue’s in the next `12 months

3.​Understand your purpose, short term marketing goals and why your product is better than others in the market


4. Have reporting systems in place so we can easily access and monitor web analytics and sales figures during live campaigns


5.Comfortable with dealing with accelerated growth and demands of an influx of new leads and customers

6. Have a library of high-quality imagery,video, content and other assets that we can utilise for ads straight away (if not this will be produced by our team & specialist partners)

7. Are ready to have them and their team put in the required effort, application & communication in the first 30 days to get all the systems set up and tested to the right standard

8. Willing to push creative boundaries and go against 'the norm' for their industry


9. Have a business that is ready and able to invest a minimum of £2,500 a month into growth & marketing

10.  Have a mentality that whatever happens in the office we can still enjoy a nice meal/drink and chat outside of work, life is too short not to have fun!

If you don't think you fit most if not all the requirements above, it would be wise to save everybody time and hit that 'X' in the corner to close this tab and go to YouTube for some tutorials or find another agency that will 'do it on the cheap.

However, if this has described you and you are itching to go... Awesome!

I warn you though... we don't come cheap.

We value our expertise and the results we generate for our clients 👍

There are much, much, cheaper alternatives on the market. However from experience there are a lot of 'CONtrepreneurs' and unqualified 'gurus' in the digital marketing space unfortunately, which we are working hard to drown out.

Most agencies like this will churn through their clients every few months after delivering 0 results and crack on with the next naive business owner 😨


Please do not cut costs for the sake of saving money, do the appropriate due dilligence when searching for a partner.

Too many businesses fail to understand the difference in price and value and don't believe in their product or service enough to invest the levels required.

They end up with their fingers burnt by choosing an inferior partner and plaster over the problem 

They fall for false promises of 10x return on your business for less than £500 a month.

It staggers me when these same business owners complain and are shocked when they don't receive a premium level of service or the results they were promised 😩

Your business is your dream and most likely, has years and years of planning, execution and plain old sweat equity poured into it.

Don't settle for the inferior option...

Put the same value in improving it as you would your family's health & wellness ❤️️

The cumulative hours of energy, amount of cash invested into these ad platforms, as well as coaching and courses from the best in the industry is distilled and bottled by us, for the benefit of your business, fast-tracking you to expert level!

If you think you are the right fit, please click the button below so you can apply for an initial strategy call with me 📞, it is a 100% FREE and no obligations following the call.

You will be taken to a short questionnaire which will help me and my team filter the best applicants and then you will be given a link to schedule a spot directly in my diary 📅 to organise that call and get the ball rolling.

My agency is still a boutique operation, with a tight-knit team, to ensure stability I limit capacity of new clients each month.

Take action today on changing your business!

We systematically raise our prices at least every quarter.


Because we can 😏

So right now is the cheapest we will ever be, giving you the opportunity to turn clicks into customers.

What are your reasons for not hitting me up? 🤷‍♂️


James Green


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